What We Do

There are two types of singing telegrams...

Rockin'  Singing  Telegrams

Check out this fun video montage of some of our fun characters in action

Voted #1 Singing Telegram Service in the Mid-South  *Memphis Magazine*

Speaking Characters:

Our work begins WAY before the actual telegram occurs.  We begin planning the telegram here at the office, and along with the help of you and or along with someone else who really knows the person (telegram victim).  Together we work to form a "Custom Script" with some fun facts about the unsuspecting telegram victim.   On the date of the event, here comes the character full of surprises that only a few people may have known before now!

After a little verbal fun from the script, the telegram character pulls out a boom box and the karaoke style sing along fun continues - Don't worry, the entire escapade should only take about 5-6 minutes.                                      

Non- Speaking Characters:

This costumed character usually walks into the business, restaurant, residence, etc., holding up a sign or a card with the telegram victim's name on it.  After getting situated for everyone to see, the character starts the boom box and the fun begins.....  After it's over, the character hands the telegram victim a custom card to read "OUT LOUD" for everyone to hear - This escapade should take about 4-5 minutes

*Optional Stuff*

After the singing telegram is over, a personalized card, flowers, plush animal, balloons or other keepsake from YOU can be given to the person (telegram victim)